• saves space due to its central arrangement in the room
  • is available in different diameters, heights and colours
  • can be quickly mounted thanks to the plug-in concept
  • can be fitted with a wide range of taps
  • can be expanded with a vandal-resistant soap dispenser and paper holder

Ergonomic concept

With Sanispray systems, the taps are mounted at an ergonomic height and distance for the target group. In this way, wheelchair users and children are taken into consideration. For wheelchairs, we provide sufficient space on and under the washbasin. The height is also adjusted to 83 centimetres, in accordance with the standards for public buildings. For children, this is 50 or 60 centimetres, depending on their age.


From 4 to 8 users

You select four, six or eight stations. We offer three different diameters depending on the number of users selected. We always take account of the available width requirement per person for comfortable and ergonomic hand washing.

Which system do I choose?

From the basic versions you select the desired number of stations, the type of tap, the correct height and diameter of the bowl. Then you determine the functional extensions, such as soap pumps, dishes for brushes, a paper dispenser, thermostat or hot water pressure reducer. 

Finally, you choose what the hand-wash fountain will look like: a combination of stainless steel and white composite or a colour of your choice from our eight options. For children we have three fun extras with mushrooms, stars or dinosaurs. 


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