Sanilav is:

  • innovative and extremely hygienic through a seamless welded connection inside.
  • available in 3 basic models (with own variants) in 2 types of stainless steel
  • can be quickly installed thanks to the integrated mounting system and the watertight factory installation of pipes and taps
  • fully ready for use on delivery
  • can be fitted with a wide range of taps
  • can be expanded with a vandal-resistant soap dispenser and soap filling system
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Functional design

Sanilav washing troughs satisfy CE strength requirements. The pipes are pre-mounted in the factory and can be connected with through-flow to prevent legionella growth. The flat bottom makes it easy to place a bucket in the washing trough. The blunt front corners with extra padding and the vandal-resistant four-point attachment keep it safe.

Complete hygienic concept

Sanilav is a total solution for washing trough systems. The design has no horizontal surfaces to allow easy maintenance. Thanks to the pressed drain grid, no dirt accumulates. Complete your installation by adding a hanging cabinet for paper dispensers and a mirror, grates and a protective skirt underneath.

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Which system do I choose?

You select the type of tap, the dimensions (2, 3, 4 or 5 stations) and the number of taps. Then add functional extensions as desired, such as soap pumps, dishes or a shallow cabinet with mirror, on which a paper and soap dispenser can be mounted. The washing trough is also available in different colours.

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